Monday, September 29, 2008

Network Marketing in the Internet?

Is it possible to build a successful Network Marketing business in the Internet? What makes you doubt?

Maybe you don't know many people who actually do this. Or the people you know speak in a different language (building a 2.0 website?, driving traffic to your affiliate links? inserting a ahref tag in your module? WHAT??!!) First, you have to KNOW it's possible. And YOU can do it. Don't just think you might get it. KNOW you WILL.

Take it easy and break it into little steps. Allow yourself time for learning if you are totally new to this. Even in the process you have to be able to start doing something. Set a time frame to take those little steps. If you have a couple of hours while your baby is sleeping, forget about the laundry for a while. Use that time (or a fragment) to do things you need to pay more attention to in the Internet, the ones that require more concentration on your part.

When the kids come back from school set aside 15 minutes to tweak your previous actions. Ask them to read what you wrote or check your spelling. Getting them involved not only will make them feel important but will show them that you want to be good at this and are making the effort. Nothing like teaching by example, huh?

Keep in mind that people will join YOU, not your opportunity. What do YOU have to offer? Whom are you attracting? What is your target market? What are you going to give to them? I'm talking about expertise, useful information, advice, etc. That's how you market yourself in the Internet.

Start with a blog. There are free and paid services to do that. Watch the instructional videos if you need to and become familiar with it. If you are going to do something today, start with that. And remember: you are working!, don't take endless breaks. There is time for business work and time for house work. Respect both and focus solely in one at a time.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Building a Network Marketing business online does take work!

How many times have you decided not to work because the laundry couldn't wait or you had to bake cookies for the PTO Fund raising? Or maybe because you really didn't know what to do or weren't sure whom to call?

You know that the only activities that are going to make you money are the productive ones. And those don't include checking your email or updating your profile in your website. And the presentations and parties are nice but they don't really make you money until a sale is made. Usually the guests don't pay for information, right? What if you were making money only if they are attending or want to grab one of your sample products?

That's one of the benefits that Attraction Marketing offers. Network Marketing as we knew it is changing. The more successful leaders knew that they had to present only to qualified prospects and the work was to find them. Using the right system, we can make those prospects actually come to us (no kidding). And the most interesting part is that they are willing to pay for information that is valuable to them. So you can have cash flow while sorting the best people you want in your business.

But it doesn't come easy. Just as the old way, the new one takes time and dedication. One difference I found is that even if it takes time, it is productive. And once you do some things you don't have to do them again. Now, that's nice.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Online Network Marketing Success

Is it possible to have success building a Network Marketing business online? Maybe you were told that the only way to build your organization was talking with family, friends, acquaintances, barely-known people, leads...

Going from hot to cold, everyone could be (or actually was) your prospect. You sorted and looked for those motivated potential partners who would be successful thanks to you. In return, you would be successful too.

Yeah, right.

Now, don't get me wrong. It is a networking business. And yes, we have the chance to offer our incredible opportunity to our loved ones.

After all, we don't want them to despise us in the future (you know, when we are billionaires) because we didn't tell them about it.

The personal interaction is going to be present somehow, at some point. We are moms, that makes us unofficial PhD's in Public Relations.

But what about the "marketing" part? What if it's possible to market your business online and get people coming to you, for real? Even if you are new to Internet and ask your children to explain to you what on earth HTML means, you can create a successful online Network Marketing business.

More and more, there are training systems that teach you the right way to do it.

Look closely and be patient. In the next posts I'll share with you what I found. It does take work, fun work.

The best way to digest everything is in little bites, and that's what I want to give you. Doing something everyday you can accomplish great things. Ready? Set. Go!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms.