Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do you want to win the race?

I just read an excellent post by Danielle Zack about what we need to do to win a race.

What is your "race" or "races" right now?

In this blog post you'll find how you can win any of them. I like how a cartoon can still have a great message:

Do you want to win the race?

I love it when we learn things from our children. Danielle was doing a house chore while her daughter watched TV. Without knowing, she was going to be reminded of an important lesson. And she shares it with us like the great leader she is.

Danielle Zack is a Mom building her business online from home. She is passionate about teaching others the steps to success in MLM. I know you can learn more than 10 things from her.

Click here to read "Do you want to win the race?" by Danielle Zack

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogging Secrets: How to find content for you blog whether you are a SAHM or a WAHM

Stay At Home Moms, Working Moms, Work At Home Moms, Full time Moms… We all have something to say. Many of us spend few to lots of hours blogging or reading blogs. In the next paragraphs I will give you a little secret to never run out of ideas for your content. I will also share a potential danger of it.

If you watched the videos of Ty Tribble (Top MLM blogger) in Blogging for Prospects, you already know two of his best Secrets to always have content.

I have one more secret: Google Alerts. This is a great source of information and inspiration to get you going in your own opinions about a given subject. You can also find good content to present to your followers.

Choose the topic you want to know about, like your niche. When you sign up, you receive daily updates of the most recent and interesting activity in the subject you chose.

So what is the danger of receiving Google Alerts? It doesn’t have anything to do with viruses or scams.

It has more to do with our inclination and love for debate.

I receive updates about WAHMs, SAHMs and other combinations. Many of the updates are Forums where a given question or specific subject is discussed. If you still don’t know, there is a permanent war going on between moms.

See what I mean: Don’t want to be a Stay At Home Mom?

Maybe you participate in some of them. The danger for me is to get caught in reading the discussions, have an urge to participate and telling myself to move on and go back to work!

I know: it’s not that big of a deal, huh?

I choose not to participate because my goal is to help moms who are working their home based business from home in the Industry of Network Marketing. What are we? How do we identify ourselves? That is probably a subject for discussion...

When I decided to give you a tip about finding content or sources to create your own, I also made the decision to mention that little danger. It’s very interesting to see how a simple question can trigger so many answers and I know there is more debate out there about hundreds of topics (I prefer the ones related to Online Network Marketing).

Use Google Alerts. Just don’t be too distracted with discussions that are not in your niche.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Twitter tips for Work-At-Home-Moms

Social Media is nowadays THE way to get yourself known in business. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or other sites and communities to know people and build relationships.

And I just found this great article with very useful tips to use Twitter. Straight to the point and practical, these tips are easy to implement and can make an impact in your Home Business:

Ten Twitter tips for Work-At-Home-Moms

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work At Home Moms (CWAHM) and Successful Christian Women, a mentoring program especially designed for Christian Women who want to work from home. She has the experience to teach how to build a business while raising a family and strengthening your relationship with God. I like that she is a real woman and a successful entrepreneur with solid values.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Are there real Blogging secrets?

One of the "real" blogging secrets is to post frequently.


I'm not going into the reasons (excuses) for not doing it as I used to. We all know that life gets in the way and sometimes we have to learn to let it... keeping our eyes in our goals and walking towards them.

I've posted about Blogging Secrets before. But there are more tips and secrets to learn.

And part of our job as Network Marketing Moms is to keep training and learning.

So when I read about MLM Blog Secrets I was excited.

It seems like every day and every week there are new launches and new products that can actually change our lives, turbo-charge our businesses and make us rich (not quick though: with effort and investment).

We don't need to invest in every single one of them. It's not just about the money because as business owners we need to invest in our business and ourselves. It's about time. When we are raising a family, time feels like water in your hands. Slips away. And some days are more productive than others.

But his is a product that I feel good about being an affiliate and one that deserves my investment. I'm learning very good things and it's what I needed to start making changes.

Here is the link again:


If you want to know what changes I'm talking about, stay tuned!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Justin who? Something about Marketing and Honesty

In my previous post I mentioned Justin "Beaver" getting arrested. Obviously I don't even know how to spell the last name of the guy.

In my defense though, I have to remind you that English is my second language. And yes, I didn't look his name up (which proves that my husband was doing the online search for my children). Anyway, my apologies to anyone who likes Justin Bieber (there, I spell it right now, I double checked).

In the other hand, I realized that the whole post might offend some people and make others think that I've gone crazy for using such deceiving marketing strategies to create traffic.

My intention was to show how Marketing can work. It is the first time (and I'm pretty sure the last) that I use this strategy. And I don't think I'll even get traffic because I misspelled the last name anyway.

But my goal wasn't to get tons of traffic. My goal was to share a clear and concrete example of how Marketing works.

For some it may be unethical. For some, genius.

You may like or not. You may use it in your business or not.

Personally, I don't like it that much. I thought about deleting the post but I decided to be honest and accept my mistake. Not only in the misspelling but in the way I presented the information.

My intention was to teach you one marketing strategy used not only in MLM but in many other industries. We are all victims of it at some point of our lives.

Marketing (in general, not only Network Marketing or Internet Marketing) appeals to the emotions of people in many levels that we, the public, don't understand completely.

I want to stay honest. And I hope you too.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Justin Beaver getting arrested can improve your online presence

We just came home from a Baseball game. On our way here one of the DJs said in the radio that Justin Beaver has been arrested. Needless to say, this provoked reactions in my children. They are not big fans so they were actually enjoying the news in bewilderment. Was it true?

The DJs kept saying the same thing every time they came back from commercials but didn’t offer further information. Never said it was for real or a joke.

My husband said “it is what you do to get attention”. He was talking about the radio.

They DJs gave the people’s reaction: Twitter was about to collapse, Skype was bursting, everywhere the adoring Justin Beaver fans where trying to find an explanation.

They just said that if they wanted more information, they needed to go to the website. I already forgot the link, but my children where quick to tell daddy what it was so he could look it up online.

What a marketing strategy! They never said it anything solid about the headline. They just wanted people to go to the website.

And internet marketers can actually learn and capitalize on something like this.

You can learn a way to improve your online presence: give big news and create expectation about it so people can’t help but do what you want them to do. In this case, visit a website.

We can capitalize on news like this by grabbing people’s attention with current news. Once we have people’s attention, we can give information in our area that somehow relates to that.

I have seen, for instance, titles that used keywords like “Michael Jackson’s death” or “American Idol results” that didn’t have to do directly with the subject. It is a way to get traffic because you can be in the first pages of Search Engines fast (at least for a short period of time).

My husband couldn’t find anything about Justin Beaver getting arrested. It seems like the kids didn’t remember the website after all and there is nothing online about it.

What just confirms that it was a marketing strategy to have online visitors. Whatever that website is, I bet it is getting tons of traffic right now.

And I might benefit from it, too.

What else can you do to improve your online presence? Leave a comment about it!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Internet Network Marketing tips: What can we learn from the launch of Shrek and Toy Story 3?

If you haven’t heard anything about the MLM Launch Formula, you might be missing the most powerful and important information that can make your business grow. After reading this post, head over the website of the MLM Launch Formula to see how good Marketing works at any level.

So, what does the launch of “Shrek: Forever after” and “Toy Story 3” have to do with your Internet Network Marketing business?

We can learn basic marketing strategies.

The launch is a process. It means being exposed to all the paraphernalia linked to the movies: toys, commercials, teasers, DVDs from the previous movies, kids asking to go to the movies, etc.

We are exposed to the movies waaaay before they premiere.

When I realized, months ago, that there was a surprisingly variety of toys of Toy Story, I thought “Are they coming back for some reason?” Duh! I didn’t know they were making a third movie or if it was ready yet.

And I know I wasn’t the only one. They had to re-introduce us to the whole concept of the movie. They had to refresh our minds.

They had to approach a new audience of kids who didn’t know anything about the first two movies because maybe they weren’t born yet.

All the efforts to interest us in the movie are not only pointing towards the movie itself. It’s a money making process.

Something very similar happens with “Shrek: forever after” (that one I can’t miss!).

As a mom, you probably go to Mac Donald’s. Don’t deny it. You are not alone. As nutritious as your family diet can be, I bet you make trips to the Golden Arcs every once in a while.

For us is our stop on our way to my In Laws. And we were there the on Memorial weekend. I know for sure that the toy that comes with the Happy Meal is, you guessed, a Shrek toy.

I’ve been listening to Shrek, Rumpelstinsky and Puss in Boots during the whole weekend. I feel like I’ve missed a week already because we haven’t seen it yet. My children are willing to pay for their tickets.

If that is not good marketing, I don’t know what it is.

There a couple of things that I see in this process that can be used in Internet Network Marketing:

1. The launch is a process to create expectation for the product but can be a money-making process too.
2. It is FAR more effective and easier to sell a product when the launch does a good job in the first place.

Before launching a product in our MLM businesses, we have to create that anticipation too. We can learn how to do it too thanks to Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson.

What have you learned from a similar Launch Process? How are applying it to your business? Leave a comment about it!

Now go and learn how the MLM Launch Formula works. How can I not share this with you?.

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