Sunday, June 6, 2010

Justin who? Something about Marketing and Honesty

In my previous post I mentioned Justin "Beaver" getting arrested. Obviously I don't even know how to spell the last name of the guy.

In my defense though, I have to remind you that English is my second language. And yes, I didn't look his name up (which proves that my husband was doing the online search for my children). Anyway, my apologies to anyone who likes Justin Bieber (there, I spell it right now, I double checked).

In the other hand, I realized that the whole post might offend some people and make others think that I've gone crazy for using such deceiving marketing strategies to create traffic.

My intention was to show how Marketing can work. It is the first time (and I'm pretty sure the last) that I use this strategy. And I don't think I'll even get traffic because I misspelled the last name anyway.

But my goal wasn't to get tons of traffic. My goal was to share a clear and concrete example of how Marketing works.

For some it may be unethical. For some, genius.

You may like or not. You may use it in your business or not.

Personally, I don't like it that much. I thought about deleting the post but I decided to be honest and accept my mistake. Not only in the misspelling but in the way I presented the information.

My intention was to teach you one marketing strategy used not only in MLM but in many other industries. We are all victims of it at some point of our lives.

Marketing (in general, not only Network Marketing or Internet Marketing) appeals to the emotions of people in many levels that we, the public, don't understand completely.

I want to stay honest. And I hope you too.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!


Harvey said...

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