Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do you want to win the race?

I just read an excellent post by Danielle Zack about what we need to do to win a race.

What is your "race" or "races" right now?

In this blog post you'll find how you can win any of them. I like how a cartoon can still have a great message:

Do you want to win the race?

I love it when we learn things from our children. Danielle was doing a house chore while her daughter watched TV. Without knowing, she was going to be reminded of an important lesson. And she shares it with us like the great leader she is.

Danielle Zack is a Mom building her business online from home. She is passionate about teaching others the steps to success in MLM. I know you can learn more than 10 things from her.

Click here to read "Do you want to win the race?" by Danielle Zack

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