Thursday, July 1, 2010

For Network Marketing Moms: One reason to have an MLM Blog

In few seconds I will share the one reason that has become more important to me to have an MLM blog.

If you are using the Internet to build or promote your Network Marketing business, you are probably familiar with the different ways to market your content: article marketing, SEO, Social Media, etc.

One limitation with article marketing, social bookmarking services and other Social Media sites is that you don't actually own the content. Yes, you create it, but someone else has to approve it before it's public. That means that it can be blocked, deleted, flagged, reported as spam, etc.

When you have a blog, you control your content. Specially when you have a Wordpress blog, where you can buy your domain name and hosting account and therefore, be the owner of all the content.

I just had to delete a Squidoo Lens because the term "Network Marketing" is in the no-no list. I completely understand the rules and I abide them. I understand that many people, unfortunately, do use these kind of services for spamming. Instead of appealing, I just saved the information and deleted it. I can use the content in the future.

My number reason to have an MLM blog? It really is, like many leaders in the Industry say, your own piece of Real State Online.

I don't like spam, who does? I don't want to be spammer and I've felt horrible when my email accounts have been hacked and "I" have send questionable emails to my list of contacts (actually, one is still being fixed)...

I own my blog. I can use the terms "Network Marketing", "MLM" and "blogging" in the same sentence. And I like that freedom to inform people, give valuable content and build relationships without the fear of being deleted or reported.

Are you still using these marketing methods to attract people to your Company Website? Start your own blog now.

What is your number one reason to have an MLM Blog? Leave a comment about it!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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