Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Online Social Network Marketing: Using Social Media in your MLM home business

Social Media is being used more and more in business in general. Big companies like Dell, small local businesses and e-commerce companies are using sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace not only to create a costumer base but to keep in touch with their current one, and as a powerful marketing tool to attract more people. Take a look at this article about how businesses use Online Social Network Marketing.

If other businesses are doing it, why not us Network Marketers? Building an MLM home business has been traditionally associated with face to face interaction. Although this is still powerful, more and more the new way to socialize online forces us to be part of the trend. It’s what everyone is doing. And they do it because it works.

Why you should use Social Media in your Network Marketing business? Because it allows you connect with your current clients and business partners, it keeps the communication and helps create a buzz about what you are doing, and it helps you generate new fans, followers, costumers and business partners.

Online Network Marketing is all about attracting prospects; that is, generating your own leads. How many people can you connect with in one day? 2? 20? 200? If you have that amount of followers in Twitter, for example, you can connect with them in one click.

Social Media is a great way to generate leads for your MLM Home Business for free. It takes up more time than money. And when you learn few tricks to maximize your Online Presence, it can change your business.

How do you use Social Media in your Network Marketing business? Leave a comment about it.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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Pooja said...


Social media is very popular and is the indication of the future. Many sites offer cheap and useful ways to advertise the business using social ads. Making the connections not only generate new team members, but also more promotion in the form of interviews, press releases, guest blog entries and more. We can offer true value and interesting content and people will get to know, trust us and they wish to do business. Social networking allows to attract people based on their interests, hobbies and professions. Connect with the big trainers and motivational speakers in network marketing and in other similar industries.

Angélica Ried said...

You are so right. Social Media is the future. and it's good for promotion, offering value, building trust, attract like-minded people, connect with big trainers and more. Thank you for adding great value!

leonardo said...

If you want to achieve the network marketing success, especially while doing your network marketing online, you will need to use different network marketing tools.
You should also study the network marketing tools that are being used by other networkers. In that way It will help you improve in network marketing

Anonymous said...

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camilynn said...


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