Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Successful Wahms: How important is learning and personal development?

In order to be a successful Work At Home Mom we have to develop certain skills. Organizational skills as well as leadership skills are only two of them.

There are certain skills that we can’t do without in business. Listening is one of them, as I've posted before. But even when we think is natural for us; we always have to learn more and more. I’ve always been told that I have the ability to listen but it’s not always easy, especially because I like talking.

Some times we need to work on a new set of abilities that are foreign to us and some times we have to un-learn what is part of our baggage. And always we have to tap into our singularity and empower those abilities and skills that make us unique.

The point is, even with all the technical and practical knowledge to run a business, we need to learn and work on personal development if we want to be successful WAHMs. There are too many things to learn and it’s impossible to do it all but keeping that sense of wonder and curiosity is not only healthy but a potential for personal growth.

Personal development has many aspects like self knowledge and discovering of self purpose, identifying your potential, building an identity, fulfilling dreams and aspirations, finding inspiration and motivation, letting go of destructive relationships or influences, etc.

We have to take the time to work on our personal growth because that is reflected in the rest of activities that make our businesses productive. This blog is about Network Marketing for Moms, but this is true for any business and life in general!.

There are countless resources for learning and personal development or personal growth. Two of them are Steve Pavlina.com and BraveHeartWomen.com. Take time for yourself, it will benefit your business.

With this, I sing off until next week. Have a Great Thanksgiving.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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Anonymous said...

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Angélica Ried said...

Thank you for the information! I'll have to check it.

camilynn said...


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Anonymous said...

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donny gamble said...

Upon just reading the title, it's strikes me. Personal development of a person is crucial in all aspects, it can influence your leadership style or how would you handle such things. When you learn there is gain and while learning things you can eventually improve and improve it to the highest level.

jacob said...

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