Friday, November 20, 2009

Internet Network Marketing and Home Parties, Part 2

In the first part I talked about how offering value is a common feature for success in Internet Network Marketing and Home Parties. In this part we will see a similitude between Internet Network Marketing and Home Parties when the sales happen.

In Online MLM when you have visitors in your website it’s important that they come back. How? Asking for their information! When you have a name and email address you keep sending more value in Newsletters, mini Courses, Special Reports, etc. And you can sell.

When does the sale happen during a Home Party? Usually at the end, right?, when (ideally) everyone is anxious to take their wallets out. They can’t wait to give you their money. They get a good product and you get the sale. It’s a win-win.

Internet Network Marketing and Home Parties are methods to build a Network Marketing business. Both are a process. You give value, establish yourself as a leader, ask your prospects’ information, keep building a relationship (follow up) and earn the right to sell.

When you use Attraction Marketing in any of those methods, you will attract success in Network Marketing.

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