Thursday, November 12, 2009

One sure way to fail in Network Marketing, Part 2

In the first part I told you how I was caught off guard when a guy called me to find out if I was interested in his opportunity. If you missed Part 1 here is it again: One sure way to fail in Network Marketing, Part 1

My caller was obviously growing impatient with me and decided to blow me off before I could waste his time. He offered his phone number for me to call him back. I asked him if he knew that that didn’t work and if he really wanted to talk to me he should call me back.

Maybe not the best thing to say. Hey, I said I was practicing my "Keen Insight" skills, not that I had perfected them. Between awkward laughs, he said that he did and that was why he was giving his number because he knew that if I were interested in making money with this great opportunity, I would call him. And I was honest to say that I wasn’t interested.

Even though we were laughing, I could sense that he was irritated and uncomfortable. He was wasting his time with someone who wasn’t going to be a good prospect after all when he could probably be making other more productive calls. Maybe he had a long list of current Network Marketers in other Companies. After all, those are good leads, right?

I was almost embarrassed thinking that I’ve done that before. I never called Network Marketers just because I didn’t get to it. But I have called business owners, Realtors and purchased leads, among others.

People who didn’t know me nor recognize my name. People who didn’t know if I could teach them how to build a business. I had to try to convince them of that during the call with my security, self confidence and unbreakable voice. The problem was, with every failed call it was harder to keep my motivation and posture.

Why cold calling is one sure way to fail in Network Marketing? In the third part of this series you’ll find out. Although I think you already know it.

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