Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Work at Home Moms: How to manifest your desires like a child Part 2

In the first part I told you a little about How to Manifest your Desires. It is a big and important part of personal growth and maybe you have been applying Principles of Manifestation without being aware of it. I am convinced I manifested my soul mate without knowing it (my husband, in case you are wondering).

One important aspect of Manifesting your desires is to see them in your mind as if they were already true and actual. The present is the only reality in your mind. That is why you have to think about what you want in present time and feel it. And I just witnessed a Manifestation of the Desires in a simple, innocent and beautiful way.

Last Friday I picked my mom and my 4 year old niece up from the Airport. They came all the way down (or “up” actually) from Peru to stay with us for few months. My niece has been thinking about her first visit to the States and what she is going to do ever since she knew she was coming, about three months ago.

The most powerful thought and image in her mind was the snow (she has never seen any). She kept asking me if there was going to be snow for Christmas. I promised her more than once that she was going to see snow but I could not assure her when.

In her mind she was already playing with the snow, making snowmen, throwing snow balls at her cousins (my children), taking pictures, etc. I was amazed when I learned that the Storm was basically following them! She even asked me to buy carrots to use as noses for the snowmen. We made it safely to our house on Friday evening and the next morning everything was white.

My niece manifested all the snow she wanted. She played, threw snow balls and made Snow Angels. She is not a bit tired of all the snow. The only thing left is the Snowmen and by now you must suspect that she will have that too.

Yes, I think the snow is her fault. Or rather, the Manifestation of her Desires.

I learned so much from this! I have learned basic principles of Manifestation but it’s not enough to learn. We have to know, to remind ourselves of them and to apply them constantly. Hey, if a 4 year old can manifest this much snow, we can do anything!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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