Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom work: Got some Chritsmas Shopping done?

Tis the season to be jolly, holly, inspired and stressed... At least for me. Who said "me too?"... I don't even have to shop for that many people (and that many presents) but that Christmas Shopping takes a lot of time. And that is time I could be working on my business.

Yes, I have to confess, I'm taking time off my business to do some shopping. It's when I'm with my 2 year old (who is not going to tell anyone about their presents) and when I can get more done. And yes, it's the time when I neglect my business.

I was feeling unproductive and like I was losing sales. But then I read an article about How to Lose friends and Alienate people and it reminded me of WHY I am here.

I am here to help other Moms to find joy in their Home Based Business. I'm here to share what I learn, to show that I'm not perfect, to help other moms see that being a Stay At Home Mom Working from Home is a challenge that we can do. And sometimes that means taking the time to serve others. "Others" as in "our families", the most important people in our lives. I'm giving them a nice Christmas.

That comes with teaching my children to be responsible by taking time, at least weekly, to take care of my mom friends online. It comes with doing some Christmas Shopping, decorating the house, read more the Bible, go to Church, watch movies together, getting ready for the celebration of Giving, etc.

I'm giving myself to my family, friends, blog followers and the Online Community. Tis the season to give and do it jolly.

Are you neglecting your business? How do you keep the balance during this season? Leave a comment about it!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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