Saturday, October 25, 2008

A good online presence Part 1: Why is important to have a good online presence?

We talked about the importance of Marketing and that we need to take advantage of the Internet to market the most important product we are promoting: ourselves. The importance of a good online presence, or web presence has to do with building a relationship of trust that we need to establish with our prospects. It is making your name easy to recognize by others. There are different ways to institute you as a leader and the expert many people will want to join in business.

A good online presence is important because when people look for what you have they need to know they can trust you. It’s the same principle we use when we approach prospects one by one, but using the Internet allows us to be in many different places at the same time. It’s leverage at its best. Instead of taking several conversations and encounters for someone to trust you enough as to hand you his or her credit card, with a strong web presence you can come across as the mentor they are looking for.

With a good online presence you’ll make your name known to others. Imagine if someone comes across your website and likes what she sees. She (or he) might want to know what else you have out there and searches your name, will it come up? What content will it show? Nowadays a web presence is about generosity so the more information or opinions you share, the better your presence will be. It’s not only “come visit my website” but visiting others and leave a comment or rating. More on that next!

So, make your name known and start establishing a good online presence. I’m working on that, too!

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