Monday, October 6, 2008

Why are blogs important in Network Marketing?

Blogs are important actually for any business. They build a community of people with similar interests. When you leave a post in your blog, you are open to receive comments and create an exchange of information between people (a.k.a. prospects).

The word "blog" is the short form of "web log". What started as an online diary to keep in touch with family and friends has become and important marketing tool. Blogs are important in Network Marketing because they help you distribute your information and create a presence in the web. They are easy to use and many services are free, which means you can save money.

Some tips to maximize the benefits of a blog in Network Marketing:

1) Update the content on a regular basis. That's going to make the difference when you rank up the search engines. Pay attention to how many blogs are in the first pages of Google. Many of them are business oriented blogs. Keep in mind that you'll need several posts before you start seeing real traffic.

2) Make it interesting for others. This means that you have to pick the theme you want to share information about (tips, advice, statistics, etc.) as if you where doing the research. Would you look information about it? What are people looking for?

3) Keep it keyword rich. This is the group of words or the phrases that designate the theme you picked. Repeat it in different parts and with different variations in your post. Bold it, underlined it, linked, etc. Make it noticeable and your Network Marketing blog will be an important marketing tool in your business. Can you guess what are the weywords of this post?

4) You have to read some information first and do some research to know what people are looking for (their problem), what things are out there (the solutions) and how you can compete with them (can you do better?).

Finally, keep it simple an be patient! don't get overwhelmed. Take one step at a time and remind yourself of how much your are learning and how that is going to affect positively your business.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms.


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