Thursday, October 30, 2008

Using the Internet in Network Marketing means using leverage

There are many ways to build a Network Marketing business. Basically, you present your information to prospects. And how do you find prospects? Where? Here is where the work starts: handing out fliers, brochures or invitation cards, sending e-mails, approaching friends and family, asking for referrals, calling leads, etc. It’s true that the “real” work comes when you have associates to train but isn’t it hard enough to find people to invite? Many (if not all) of the great leaders in the industry will tell you about the number of “no’s” they got before their “yes’s”. Still, they built a strong business presenting to people.

You can only give so many presentations a week. And yes, when your associates are doing the same you are using leverage. If 10 associates give presentations then it’s like you are doing your work 10 times. What is better: one person doing 100% of the job, or 100 people doing 1%? This concept fascinated me when I started to become familiar with Network Marketing.

But what about multiplying everyone’s efforts by being in different places at the same time, all of you? That’s the power of using Internet in Network Marketing. I’m not talking only about live or recorded online presentations (which are great), e-mails or auto responders. I’m talking about people from all over the country and even the world coming to see what you have, even when you are sleeping. They build that relationship of trust with you without having to talk with you since the beginning. They know you because they see what you have written all over the red and your name starts to become familiar. You are knowledgeable and a mentor to them All of this at their own pace, when they want.

It’s leverage at its best. And that’s why is so important to have a good online presence!

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