Monday, September 29, 2008

Network Marketing in the Internet?

Is it possible to build a successful Network Marketing business in the Internet? What makes you doubt?

Maybe you don't know many people who actually do this. Or the people you know speak in a different language (building a 2.0 website?, driving traffic to your affiliate links? inserting a ahref tag in your module? WHAT??!!) First, you have to KNOW it's possible. And YOU can do it. Don't just think you might get it. KNOW you WILL.

Take it easy and break it into little steps. Allow yourself time for learning if you are totally new to this. Even in the process you have to be able to start doing something. Set a time frame to take those little steps. If you have a couple of hours while your baby is sleeping, forget about the laundry for a while. Use that time (or a fragment) to do things you need to pay more attention to in the Internet, the ones that require more concentration on your part.

When the kids come back from school set aside 15 minutes to tweak your previous actions. Ask them to read what you wrote or check your spelling. Getting them involved not only will make them feel important but will show them that you want to be good at this and are making the effort. Nothing like teaching by example, huh?

Keep in mind that people will join YOU, not your opportunity. What do YOU have to offer? Whom are you attracting? What is your target market? What are you going to give to them? I'm talking about expertise, useful information, advice, etc. That's how you market yourself in the Internet.

Start with a blog. There are free and paid services to do that. Watch the instructional videos if you need to and become familiar with it. If you are going to do something today, start with that. And remember: you are working!, don't take endless breaks. There is time for business work and time for house work. Respect both and focus solely in one at a time.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms.


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