Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010

After months of hard work and dedication, George Fourie finally gave us the list of The top 50 MLM blogs for 2010.

The criteria for the 2010 list was a little bit different from 2009 and included the votes of us, readers and followers. Every blog is unique and full of value. There are leaders from different walks of life and among them, several moms and dads who are creating success from home.

This is a list to bookmark, share and save for future reference. Again, here is the link: The top 50 MLM blogs for 2010.

George Fourie is doing a great job for the industry of MLM with ThatMLMBeat. After looking at the Top 50 MLM blogs for 2010, check the rest of the website.

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Angelica Ried said...

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