Monday, June 15, 2009

Network Marketing moms: Home Parties or MLM online? Part 2

MLM online or Internet Network Marketing offers the advantage of reaching millions of people at once. Our job is to make it easy for prospects to find us instead of us going after them. It’s about using Attraction Marketing.

How can Network Marketing Moms attract people online? Giving valuable information: tips, ideas, stories, secrets, how-tos, something that can help them with their needs. It's giving something before getting something. Focus on what your target market needs and wants. Offer what they are looking for.

Attraction Marketing is working when a Home Party is so popular and successful that you have to open new dates because people are telling other people. They come to you.

Attraction Marketing is working for MLM when people look for answers online and they find you. And, they tell others too.

Parties’ guests and online visitors are leads. And good leads are the ones who are willing to buy from you. Great leads are the ones who actually do.

Home Parties and Internet Network Marketing both require time and effort. If you are thinking about implementing these methods, learn about them and decide which one you prefer. Or use both!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!


Anonymous said...

Hola Angelica,
Te felicito,,me gusta tu manera de penzar
tengo 6 semnas de embarazo y estoy buscando
algo que yo pueda travajar desde casa

Angélica said...

Gracias y felicitaciones por tu embarazo!! Te invito a ver mi blog Familia Sana, donde tengo informacion sobre embarazo:

Suerte en tu busqueda, siempre estoy a un correo electronico de distancia si te puedo sevir en algo.

jacob said...

If I were to wager a guess at why, I’d say that users don’t “browse” forms. The interaction style users engage in with forms is different, and requires its own study and design best practices.

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