Friday, September 25, 2009

Tip for Affiliate Marketing: Are your affiliate commissions in danger?

One of the advantages of using Online Marketing in your Network Marketing business is the opportunity to use Affiliate Marketing. This allows you to earn money as you build your list of followers and sing up business partners.

You have to offer value and many times this comes from other people’s stuff. Some of this content is free and some is paid. In order for you to make money promoting other people’s paid content, you need an affiliate link.

An affiliate link looks something like this: or

The reality is that many people don’t like this and take your name out. They go directly to the author’s link. This way you lose your commission. Maybe you have done it too.

One way to protect your affiliate link is to cloak it. This may be a strange concept for you but basically means that you cover your link. What your prospect sees is a link that doesn’t look like an affiliate program. More importantly, if they try to take something out, they won’t be able to go to he content’s page.

If you don’t know how to cloak a link manually (I don’t!), you can use the website below. I find it honest and very useful:


You might be even interested in the profitable side of it.

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