Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blogging tips: Three blogging secrets for Network Marketing Moms Part 2

Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your niche, especially when you are using the Internet to build your Network Marketing Business.

Here is the third secret that can help you optimize your search engine (be in the the first pages of Search Engines)

3. Ping, Digg, Social Bookmarking: This is a valuable piece or information. Don’t overlook it and use it!. Every time you have something new in your blog, ping it!.

Pinging is a way to tell several Social Media sites that you have something. It helps with search engines too. Use one of this websites:, or You only have to add your URL and the FEED URL (I’ll make another post about it), and select the sites you want to send the information to. Believe me, it can make a difference. Make it a habit. It takes less than a couple of minutes.

As for Digg and Social Bookmarking, it takes more time but it’s a great way to put your information in front of more people. You can install Social Bookmark Services in your bar and use it every time you have something new. This Service includes Digg and other websites where people exchange information. Share your own blog posts and other people’s valuable information. Remember that in Attraction Marketing giving is key. When you only give your stuff that is taking!

I hope these secrets helped you. What secret about blogging do you have? Leave a comment to add to this list so we can all benefit!

Now go back to your blog and keep blogging!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!


Frederick said...


Actually, the secret to network marketing is none other than the mindset of people. All you have to do is to change one word in a statement that guarantees success in network marketing.

Angélica said...

You are right Frederick. I see that you work with Robert Allen and Mark Victor Cansen, what a great partnership!

Angel Taylor said...

Blogging has been one of my favorite ways to not only drive traffic but to build my brand. You've got some great tips here on how to do it properly, so thanks for the great info.

I will say that I only ended up on your blog because my name is Angelica too lol though everyone calls me Angel. But I'm glad I did because you are doing big things and I wish you the best of lucj!