Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stay At Home Mom Working from Home: How to be a successful WAHM Part 1

Being a Stay At Home Mom is a wonderful and beautiful job. It’s challenging and draining too. Working from home can be the answer to different needs: the need to supplement your income, the need for personal development, the need to express creativity, the need to use personal qualities like teaching, writing or speaking, the need of adult interaction, the need of freedom in the long term, etc.

But I haven’t seen very often that Working from Home answers the need to have a more chaotic schedule. Going from “just” (in quotes because is an already very hard work) Stay At Home Mom to a Work at Home Mom is another wonderful, beautiful, challenging and draining experience. It can be overwhelming especially at the beginning when you are learning how to do it.

Network Marketing is the option for many WAHMs but the tips that I’m sharing here apply for any Mom who wants to be a successful Stay at Home Mom working from home.

This is not the ultimate list. My intention is actually to give a starting list you can add to as you learn more about your Industry, your niche, your product, your strategy for building your business, marketing, etc.

1. Be organized: If you were not organized before, this is the time to be! You are a Work at Home Mom but probably your schedule still goes around your children’s. Maybe you are active in other groups too. Don’t leave your business in the back burner if you want it to work. Even if you have to work during the evenings, give it always a priority in your mind. What works for me is to start my day with house chores. When the house is organized is easier to work.

2. Be focused: Work time is work time. I know, we all have interruptions. It’s frustrating when you are about to type a great blog post and little voices start asking you for whatever-it-is-you-don’t-want-to-know-about. And yes, your husband goes in that group too. Try to find a time slot when you can be the Working from Home Mom you can be. If it’s absolutely impossible to eliminate distractions, then have fun with it. What you can do in 20 minutes will be accomplished in one hour and you know what? You have to be proud you did it!

In the second part I’ll give you 3 more ways to be a Successful WAHM.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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