Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chiropractors in Network Marketing: What can a Chiropractor teach about Internet Network Marketing? Part 1

In this week I’ve had two experiences that I want to share. Both make me think about the kind of service we want to give as Network Marketers. The first one is about a Chiropractor and the second about an Insurance Agent. This first series of posts will be about the Chiropractor and how he made me think about the importance of giving.

I’ve learned and shared how important is to give before we get. This is true for any business and Internet Network Marketing is not different. If we want a prospect’s information we need to give valuable information to earn the right to ask.

Before Christmas I got a phone call from a Chiropractor’s staff offering a free evaluation. They explained that this evaluation was part of a Community Service that the Chiropractor gives. I’ve been interested in this kind of practice for a while and wanted to learn more about it. It was the perfect opportunity to do so. Since I was allowed to take one family member with me, I took my mom (who is visiting from Peru for few months).

The evaluation was, indeed, free. I was waiting for a catch or a surprise test that would cost me any money. None of that happened. The evaluation was free, the X-Rays, the neck scan, the consultation about the results and the orientation about Chiropractic Medicine.

In the next post I will explain how this way of giving relates to Internet Network Marketing. If you can see the relationship, leave a comment about it: What can this Chiropractor teach about giving in Network Marketing?

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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