Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can you generate your own leads (for real)?

The simple answer is "yes, you can generate your own leads". The tricky part is HOW?

There are many e-books, training programs, systems, webminars, etc. that can teach you how to generate your own leads online. Sometimes the hardest part is to choose what leaders to follow. That is why everyone offers information for free. When you come upon a website about Internet Marketing, the chances of getting free valuable information are high.

Actually, any good leader has to offer value first. That is how you get to know her or him. You can sign in for her or his Newsletter or Training program and you will receive more free information. At some point they will offer you paid information (e-books, affiliates, a system, etc). If you know what they give for free, you can only imagine the value of paid info.You don't have to buy everything from everybody or be part of every system. Once you know the leaders and have learned something valuable from them, you can decide if you want to be part of their network.

And that is exactly what you, in turn, have to do to generate your own leads: Give value first with a blog or another personal website, have a way to capture your readers' contact information to keep in touch with them, and follow up. It's been said that the fortune is in the follow up.

The way to follow up is by having an Autoresponder service. I use and recommend Aweber but it's not the only one.

One thing that I'm loving, especially these months when I am focusing on my mom and niece who are visiting from Peru, is how powerful a blog can be. For example, some of my posts and articles are in the first pages of Google and other Search Engines for their keyword. I get visitors from there. I'm also part of Social Media websites so when I participate in them my links are there and I can get more visitors.

I get visitors for old posts. They are in the web technically forever and can generate leads for me once and again.

How do you generate your own leads? Leave a comment about it.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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