Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two ways to lose costumers – About Insurance Agents and Network Marketing

Last week I talked about two experiences that made think about how we work our Internet Network Marketing business. The first one was with a local Chiropractor who gave me a great example of giving before getting.

My second experience was with an Insurance Agent. I was involved in a minor car accident two weeks ago and we had to contact our Insurance. In case you are not familiar with the process (I hope not, for what that means), you have to report the accident within 24 hours and the Insurance should take of the rest.

As I worked with our Insurance Agent, I never felt like the lady who was attending my case was really interested in me. She was very serious and I even had a hard time understanding her because her diction wasn’t very good. English is my second language but I don’t always have this problem. Even after few calls, she didn’t seem to recognize my name. the whole process was cold and distant. I didn’t feel she smiled at all.

That was until I got the call from the other Insurance agent. This representative, a guy, was very polite and nice. It was obvious that he was smiling and he was willing, really, to help. What a difference! He accepted liability (their client was at fault) and walked me through the process of what was next. He took care of me and I was glad I didn’t need to go back to my agent.

This made think about a couple of sure ways to lose costumers: avoid building rapport and have a bad posture when talking on the phone.

My agent wasn’t interested in me personally as she was in doing her work. She didn’t make an effort to know if I was comfortable with her. I didn’t feel a connection. The other agent was more interested in giving me a good service. He made sure I was at ease and even asked me questions about me at the end. It only reinforced my trust in him.

It was obvious that when these Agents were on the phone, they each had a very different posture. Smiling, even on the phone, makes a difference. It goes back to the Communication skills that Tim Sales teaches. Ellie Drake also teaches about the importance of having a good posture and how that can be sensed in a phone call or even a blog post.

I might even consider switching Agents…

What communication skills do you think are more important when talking over the phone? Leave a comment about it.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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