Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What goes around comes around: How to make your Online Business work

During the last snow storm I was able to see a good example of how what goes around, comes around. If we give without expecting anything in return, it’s likely that we are going to get even more than we gave.

As my husband was shoveling some snow, a neighbor asked him for help. He helped him and because of that, he couldn’t shovel the snow out of the cars. He was too tired to keep going. He went back after few hours and as he was doing that, I saw other neighbors cleaning our side of the sidewalk.

I felt compelled to give something in return so I made some coffee for them. I felt good about giving but I doubt they were expecting anything. They didn’t even know that I saw them giving us their time and help.

My husband came back with some soup. Yet another neighbor had asked him to help her with her driveway. In exchange he could use her snow blower. He helped her without expecting anything else but he got that delicious soup.

As we gave, we were also given. We helped and we received help. We did it generously and the same was done to us. It was a beautiful flow and exchange of value.

In our Online Business happens pretty much the same. When we start giving without expecting to make every sale, we start receiving. When we focus on giving value because someone else is going to benefit, we are given value too.

If you want to make your Online Business work, start giving first.

What goes around comes around. What are you giving in your business? How do you experience this principle? Leave a comment about it!

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