Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"My computer crashed": How can a Home Online Business survive without the Internet?

Can I make money online without an Internet conection?

Well... How would it be "online" then?

Yes, you could go to the local Library, go to your mom's house or borrow your best friend's laptop.

But let's face it: without an Internet Conection, there is no much "online" about your home business.

And what about a computer? We are so dependent on technology now that I haven't heard of many Home Based Businesses succeding nowadays without it.

Yes, we still have telephone, fax, home presentations, etc. But our personal conection with the computer comes alive when this trusted companion crashes.

At least that happened to me when my computer crashed few days ago.

I have confessed before that I'm not working as much during these months. But I still keep in touch with my audience and come back to my blog. I have documents in the work and a new training series.

Even with the desire to work I couldn't do much until the computer was fixed. I lost ALL of my documents. There wasn't a big chance to save them from the hard drive so I decided to let them go.

Why? Because I made a back up CD a little over a month ago and I wasn't going to lose much work. I've lost my Playlist from iTunes (and I miss it) along with few home videos that didn't make it to a CD or the Online Storage. I've lost many more files.

But the documents associated with my Home Online Business are safe. As I type, they are being dowloaded into my computer again.

As I mourn the loss of other files I reflect on how difficult it is to work without an Internet Conection or even a computer. How many people have a real limitation to get started in a Home Based Business because of this? I don't think many, but there must be some.

Even if you have the best computer, never over estimate it. Back up your files in a CD or online. I've seen some Online Backup services but I don't use any. If you do please leave a comment about it so we can all benefitiate!

Is it possible for a Home Online Business to survive without an Internet Conection? What do you think? Leave a comment about it.

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