Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is there a right way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing? Part 1

Have you ever asked for referrals in Network Marketing? How did it go? What did you say?

Referrals are very important when building a Network Marketing business offline or online. In the article, The Right Way To Ask For And Get Referrals In Network Marketing (LINK), Warren Little explains in few words how to ask for referrals offline.

I personally like how easy can be to ask for referrals in Network Marketing online. If you like what you read you can share it within your Network with Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Media service. It’s almost effortless.

Whether you build your Network Marketing business online or offline, it’s important to ask for referrals after your costumer is satisfied with the product or service.

In the article by Warren Little it is clear how asking up front for a referral can result in disappointment for yourself. Been there, done that. I have to say: asking for referrals was one of the hardest things when I was using traditional methods in Network Marketing.

But even with a good script we can encounter someone who really and honestly doesn’t know anyone. I was there a couple of days ago.

A got a call from a Survey service and I agreed to take it. This nice lady on the phone was listening to me and building rapport. She offered me magazines to try as a thank you for participating in the survey.

I was getting excited for my magazines. Then she said that the only thing she needed from me was a name and phone number. You know, someone who could benefit from these magazines too.

In the second part I will tell you the rest of the story and why I think there is a right way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing.

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Network Marketing Downline Building said...

Nice Post! I would like to say my views regarding network marketing:” Stop thinking SALES, start thinking SERVICE” (and get over yourself - it's not about you, it's all about your customer and offering value).

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