Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is there a right way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing? Part 2

In the first part of “Is there a way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing?” I told you a little bit about my recent experience when I was asked for referrals. I got a call from a Survey company that offered me magazines in exchange for one or two names and phone numbers.

I am blessed with friends but I don’t have family in the area. My whole family is back in Peru. The only aunt I have close by doesn’t speak nor read English very well.

This lady insisted, very nicely, that most people refer to a mom or dad, or siblings. I said a couple of times that really, I don’t have anyone. For some reason she didn’t trust me and kept asking.

I told her that if that was the condition to get the magazines, it was okay for me not to have them. She accepted and the conversation was politely ended.

I realized how hard it is to give away your friends or relatives’ names when you are not confident about the value of a given product or service. I also realized how hard it is for someone to believe that you don’t have any family to refer to!

When I read a good article like Warren Little’s The Right Way To Ask For And Get Referrals In Network Marketing, I don’t have any problem referring it to my network. I know people will benefit from it. It can benefit him too and that would be great.

The right way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing is simple: politely and humbly.

I know: it’s not rocket science.

You can learn a good script and practice it to ask for referrals offline. You can ask your online visitors to share your content. You can use the magic words “please” and “thank you”.

But in any situation the mindset is very important. If we come from a place where we look for referrals to make money, no script will hide that. Asking for referrals has to be from our desire to help more people, not from our desire for their money.

Asking politely and humbly also means giving the chance to help. Our prospects (or visitors online) get something good and they can share it with more people, therefore helping them.

Finally, being polite and humble means respecting when someone doesn’t have anyone to refer. We can even offer solutions and work together in creating a network. After all, Network Marketing is about helping, isn’t it?

Is there a right way to ask for referrals in Network Marketing, whether online or offline? Leave a comment about it!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!
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Yoli said...

Hey, this is Robert. I completely agree with you that asking for referrals should be done with humility and politeness. And as you have said about helping, I think it should be done with the motive and intention in mind to "earn and let earn" where one is also wanting to create an opportunity for the other to earn as he himself is doing.

And regarding the right way of asking for referrals, I think it should be just a proposal of long-term friendship, an extended helping hand for financial prosperity or a business partnership offer always coupled with humility and politeness.

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