Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LAST POST in Network Marketing Moms.blogspot

I has taken me a long time to finally decide to stop blogging here.

When I started to work on Network Marketing Online I learned that you should start with a blog. My first option was a free blogging service.

But then I learned about the advantages of having your own "piece of real state online", a website that you can control and can't be banned from the cyber space.

That is, basically, to have a blog that doesn't have the provider's name included in the web address. The best choice is something like Wordpress. I created NetworkMarketingMoms.net with this in mind and to offer a source site with limited original posts.

Over time, these two blogs have grown to be too similar and I don't see the need to keep both. Even though I can do more things with my .net blog, I've also grown attached to this, my first Internet Network Marketing blog, so it wasn't an easy decision to stop blogging here.

I think there two or three things to learn from my experience:

1. When you decide to take your business online, make an effort to invest in a blog you can control. It can cost as little as $10 a month and it's worth it.

2. If you absolutely need to start with a free service, know that at some point you
will have to switch or at least buy a domain name and forward it to your blog.

3. If you have two different blogs, keep each one with its own personality and specific goal so your followers can benefit from both of them in different ways.

Have you had a similar experience? What did you do? Leave a comment about it so we all can learn.

I'll see you in NetworkMarketingMoms.Net!

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!


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Montele Hogan said...

We understand Blogger Regan. Even me, i'm also a blogger of 5 sites. But early 2011, i decided to quit on monitoring and updating the three sites because like what you said it really hard to update a site everyday most especially if you have a large number of visitors every day. Kudos Regan!

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