Friday, January 16, 2009

Monetization in Internet Network Marketing, Part 3: other ways to monetize in Internet MLM and advantages of monetization

One of the best ways to monetize an online MLM business is by offering a high quality information product. By educating people we establish ourselves as leaders. But at the same time, we know who is a qualified prospect. A person who buys something is investing and shows that is willing to work on her business.

Other ways to monetize in Internet Network Marketing can be through advertisement, selling space in our website for other products to me promoted. We can join ventures with other business owners by promoting their stuff to our list and vice versa, someone can offer our products to their lists. It’s using Affiliate Marketing in Network Marketing.

There are different options to monetize from your business when you build MLM online. The obvious advantage is that we are making money while building our organizations. Other advantage is that we can do so by promoting different products that are valuable for our prospects. We are not restricted by our company products.

For instance, as Network Marketing Moms we can promote services or products related to time management, organizational skills, tax benefits, mailing lists, being a business mother, etc.

The concept “multiple streams of income” take a new level with monetization in Internet Network Marketing.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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