Thursday, January 22, 2009

MLM tip: “Everyone fails in Network Marketing!”

This is one common objection. Many people are turned off by the words “Network Marketing” because they have come to think that everyone fails. Well, maybe not everyone but a good 97% of Network Marketers.

In a different post I gave 5 reasons why people fail in Network Marketing. I used the word “fail” as in “stopped doing it”. Sometimes this also means “…and lost money”. We all have heard stories of people not making money with an MLM business and ending up with a garage full of products nobody wants.

But what is the definition of “fail”? In Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of “fail” is “to lose strength…to fade or die away… to stop functioning normally… to be unsuccessful… to be deficient”, etc.

It’s genius! When people “fail” or are unsuccessful in Network Marketing is because they lose strength, stop functioning (working) or lack something (time, money, training, etc.) This is a business like any other, and like any other, it can take quite a while to take off.

If most people fail, is there something we can do to beat the odds? This video from Tim Sales gives an answer. The next time you hear or read about this, think about the difference between failing and quitting.

We are successful Network Marketing Moms!

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