Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monetization in Internet Network Marketing, Part 1: one more reason to consider an MLM business opportunity to supplement your income

This is a series of three posts.

Monetization is one of the advantages of having an online Network Marketing business because you can make money while you are building your organization. It’s not about possible bonuses that your company offers every time you sign some up or your sporadic commission checks. It’s using ways to have cash flow that can be reinvested in the business.

With traditional methods in Network Marketing you can monetize basically when you retail your products or have costumers who buy over and over from you (it doesn’t mean this is the only way but the most common one). Maybe you know stories of parties that resulted in several hundred dollars in sales in only one night.

And when you have a loyal costumer base, it is easier to sell new products to them. But what if you have other products that are not your company’s? Would it be ethical to do that? What problems would you encounter to proceed?

This concept of monetization takes a twist when you use Internet Network Marketing. When you build an MLM business online you are not offering your opportunity or your company products from the beginning because you are first educating people in how to build a business. This way you can offer different products that will benefit your prospects.

In the next part of these series we will go over more details in who do you sell to and how.

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