Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Online Network Marketing? Part 2

How can you actually build an MLM business online?

In a previous post I explained briefly what it means to have a connection between Internet and Network Marketing. The basic idea is to attract prospects to us instead of us approaching them.

The way to do this is building a good online presence. You have to focus on two important things: content and traffic.

The content is the part that you have to offer, what you give. Who do you want to attract? What do they want to learn about or read about? Decide, define and know who that market is and start working on your content.

The traffic is the people coming to you. Since only about 5% of the visitors actually click on the links and about 1% buys from you or wants more, it is important to have high traffic. And the more targeted it is, the less visitors you need because more of them will want (and do) more.

I've said before that it takes time and effort. Building an online Network Marketing business means that you are using a different strategy than face to face interaction.

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