Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it possible to build Network Marketing using Internet? Part II: A word about leads and trust.

Leads are people who are looking for a home based business(supposedly) so our job is to tap into their needs, let them know that we care about them, that our whole intention is to help them. Again, that can take few seconds or much longer. After all, we only make so may calls, right? How much in a rush are you to make 20 calls in one hour that you can’t devote 10 minutes to only one person? Yes, maybe that is going to be your best call, but if you don’t call the other leads, they are going to age and lose interest, right?

And how many leads you have to call until you find someone who is truly interested in a home based business, interested enough to let you come into their lives and become their friend? Yes, the more expensive the lead, the best the quality; but I'm focusing on the importance of building rapport, like so many times we've heard. If we can't have that we are better off letting them go.

Again, trust. Everything goes back to building relationships of trust. Only when someone trusts us, are they willing to do business with us, either buying a product or considering the business aspect of what we have to offer.

This series of posts is not over, wait for more.

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