Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it possible to build Network Marketing using Internet? Part III: Building relationships of trust

This is the last post of this series.

How is it possible to build a relationship of trust using Internet in Network Marketing? You don’t have face to face interaction; you don’t get to hear each other’s voice. That relationship of trust is built in a totally different way.

Technology affects how we communicate and relate to others nowadays more than in any era of History. Text messaging is so popular now; we have a whole new language to communicate with! A cell phone is not just to make calls. Making calls is actually one of the least attractive features of a cell phone.

The point is, it’s not only Internet; it is technology in general. And we have to keep up with it. It is possible not only to maintain relationships but to build new ones using Internet. In Network Marketing that relationship is built when the person who is looking for something of value finds you online. And “you” means what you offer: educational information, information that is valuable to them because they can put it into practice and it’s going to affect their business in a positive way. How do you do that? Sharing what you know or have experienced.

In this case that sharing is made in its more pure marketing expression. You are not selling your opportunity or your products right away, but you are selling yourself as a leader worth taking the time to read about, a leader who has something to give, and a leader who knows what she is doing. A leader worthy of their trust.

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