Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you know how to create leads for Network Marketing?

Your business, like any other, depends on the sales you make. But how do you generate sales? Attracting costumers, right? In Network Marketing we have the beautiful opportunity to attract not only loyal costumers but life-long business partners. With traditional methods for building an MLM organization we approach people to find out who is interested in our opportunity, and one common way to do so is buying leads for Network Marketing.

Now, that's subject for another post because there are few things to say about leads (not necessarily bad!). One very important is that in order to be successful calling leads you have to go through a lot of them until you start seeing results. You could buy high quality leads if your budget allows, but you still have to run some numbers.

With Attraction Marketing you are able to generate your own leads. The equation is simple: there are people out there actively looking for what you have (that explains why thousands of people join Network Marketing every day). Your job is to attract them to you offering something of value. Not an opportunity but a solution. That way they can find you. It looks something like this:

Interested people + your valuable information = high quality leads

How are you going to prove that you have knowledge and wisdom they can benefit from? Working on your online presence (see my post about it).

Do you know how to generate Network Marketing leads? Do you want to? Keep following this blog and I'll give you a way to learn more specifics very soon.

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